Motospeed Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Motospeed is a peripheral manufacturing company founded in 2008, owned by Mototech Technology Group Co. Ltd. and is located in Shenzhen, China. Motospeed is dedicated to make high-end gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice and deliver good quality in their products. They use advanced production equipment and production technology to produce good quality products with a unique appearance.

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Motospeed Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Motospeed Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Motospeed G11 550 Taka
Motospeed G12 550 Taka
Motospeed G370 500 Taka
Motospeed V30 1500 Taka
Motospeed V40 1300 Taka


The only lineup of gaming mice that Motospeed has is their V lineup. The gaming mouse that Motospeed designs have a very aggressive design language to fit with the gaming tag line. The mouse comes with gaming features, but just because they are gaming-oriented mouse doesn’t mean that they cannot be used for productivity as well. These mouses are so good in general productivity and gaming, but their somewhat flashy design language surely won’t make them fit in into an office environment.
The highest-end gaming mouse that Motospeed makes is their V90 gaming mouse. The V90 features an optical sensor that can go up to 12000 DPI and is has a design that is meant to be very ergonomic to minimize fatigue while gaming. The mouse has additional programmable buttons and comes with an anti-skid leather texture. The mouse also has RGB lighting so that the users can customize the lighting according to their tastes. Motospeed has many other offerings, with each model having a different appearance and features. Most of the gaming mouse that Motospeed manufactures comes with an optical sensor with some models featuring PMW optical sensors for better tacking and precision. Some models are also equipped with Omron switches, which makes these mouses very durable and long-lasting.
Motospeed manufactures a handful of a gaming mouse, which is generally great for both gaming and productivity. Their model naming system is quite confusing as it is hard to differentiate their higher-end models from their lower-end models with the model numbers.

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