Motospeed Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Motospeed is a peripheral manufacturing company founded in 2008, owned by Mototech Technology Group Co. Ltd. and is located in Shenzhen, China. Motospeed is dedicated to make high-end gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice and deliver good quality in their products. They use advanced production equipment and production technology to produce good quality products with a unique appearance.
As stated before, Motospeed is dedicated to manufacturing high-end gaming peripherals, and keyboards are one of the peripherals they manufacture. The keyboards that Motospeed manufacturers are centered around gaming and mostly designed to appeal to gamers and enthusiasts. They produce gaming keyboards that they claim are of eSports quality, and these keyboards come in different flavors for people with different tastes and different budgets.

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Motospeed Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Motospeed Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Motospeed CK666 4800 Taka
Motospeed K96 3900 Taka
Motospeed CK61 4000 Taka
Motospeed G7000 1300 Taka
Motospeed G4000 1500 Taka


Motospeed manufactures both membrane and mechanical keyboards. Their higher end keyboard lineup is their CK lineup, and some of their lower-end budget-friendly keyboards are featured in their K lineup.
While some of their mechanical keyboards feature cherry switches, not all of their keyboards feature cherry switches. The keyboards are made to be durable, and c some come with double-shot caps. The keyboards also come with RGB backlighting, but not all of the models have all the RGB effects. The keyboards have a fast response time and have additional multimedia keys. Some models come with additional macro keys and wrist rests. Motospeed also makes a one-handed mechanical keyboard, which like half a keyboard made especially for gaming.
Their membrane keyboards are on the more budget-friendly side and come with features like multimedia keys, and some models come with macro keys. Motospeed has designed some models to be spill-proof so that the keyboard is not damaged if water or any sort f drink is accidentally spilled on them.
Motospeed but provides a wide selection of keyboards, and they try to deliver the best quality keyboard they can for the money. Even though all their keyboards are gaming centered, they are still great for other work but probably won’t go too well in an office environment.

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