Motrac Bike Price in Bangladesh

Motorbike is a very useful vehicle in Bangladesh. Especially in cities, this vehicle has become so popular. Many brands are selling different types of bikes in Bangladesh. There are many brands which are from abroad. In this country, various Chinese brands are selling their bikes as they have great demand. One of the Chinese brands Motrac is one of them. This brand has a specialty. Bikes from this brand are smaller than usual bikes. But they have the same capability as other bikes.

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Motrac Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

 Latest Motrac Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Motrac M2 85,000
Motrac M3 155,000


This brand has an electric bike available in Bangladesh. The name of the electric bike from this brand is Motrac M2. It has automatic gears, and after charging it fully, you can ride up to 65 km. The bike has disc brakes. The price of this bike is 85,000 BDT.

In the same look, the brand has Motrac M3, which has a fuel engine. The bike has a 125cc air-cooled engine with five gears. You can start with both electrically or by the kick-starting system. Top speed is 110 km per hour, and the mileage of the bike is about 60 km per liter. The bike has disc brakes both in front and rear. It costs 1,55,000 BDT.

 These two models are top-rated. More models are coming. Some are available but not everywhere. You have to find various showrooms to get one. Some new models are Motrac MX-125, M6-125, MOX-125, M5-125. These models are with great look and performance. Hopefully, these models from this brand will be available everywhere very soon. Price range will vary from 2,00,000 BDT to 3,00,000 BDT.

The bikes from this brand are very helpful for short peoples. But anyone is willing to get one then it’s great news for them that anyone can ride these bikes. It provides the same comfort as a normal bike. Even it takes less place to park it. With one pillion you can ride it with enough comfort.


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