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Moulinex is a brand of small home and kitchen appliance products owned by the Group SEB. Moulinex is one of the most recognized and innovative appliance brands in the world. Moulinex invented the first vegetable pureeing hand crank mill that became one of the pioneering designs for the food processor we use in modern times. So it can be established that Moulinex primarily centers its main focus on the kitchen appliance and items. They are currently engaged in manufacturing under Group SEB along with some other brands such as Rowenta, Calor, All-clad, Lagostina, Krups, and Tefal. Moulinex brand of products can be divided into Breakfast making, Electrical cooking, and food preparation based products. But eventually, they have tried their hand at manufacturing homecare products. Their new steam iron range can exemplify their foray into non-cooking products.

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Moulinex Iron Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Moulinex Irons Price in Bangladesh
Moulinex Im3150 3300 Taka


Moulinex has brought their brand of performance to homecare products.  Now they are manufacturing Moulinex Steam Irons. Steam irons are very adept at power ironing performance. Moulinex understands these needs, and they provide a great capacity for water. The water refilling is easy and hassle-free with refill outlets being easy to use. They also have varied steaming options. The heating system can be changed according to the fabric.

Moreover, there are also spray options. You can see the water in the tank very clearly. The control panel is easy to use. The soleplate underneath uses smooth metal for non-sticky performance. The cord is also long and flexible, so you don’t have any trouble moving about on the cloth.

Moulinex crafts very reliable products, and that fact is evident in their Irons as well. Moulinex puts a lot of effort in giving a proper performance in their range of irons. These irons provide proper use and ease of movement along with good controls to ensure your best clothes pressing. 

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