Myone AC Price in Bangladesh

MyOne is the top brand of Bangladesh, which makes air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, and television in the country. The main products of Myone are air conditioners, freezer water pump,  refrigerator, motorcycle, various home appliances, and voltage stabilizer. The brand has gained wide popularity for its quality air conditioners, which are made locally and have their manufacturing sites in Tangail, Mymensingh and Gazipur.

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Myone AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Myone Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
MyOne Split AC MY 12 K 20,000 Taka
MyOne Split AC MY 18 K 55,000 Taka
MyOne Split AC MY 24 K 60,000 Taka


MyOne air conditioner is the perfect fit for homes and office environments for their compact and innovative designs. The AC’s overall affordability make them even more appalling to the general people. This characteristic of reliability and affordability has made My One ACs a crowd favorite.

MyOne has been operating in the country since 2002. With over a decade of experience, they make sure their position as a milestone in the arena of electrical, home appliances & electronics. They manufacture & import products ensuring modern technology, excellent quality, innovative design with a variety of models. MyOne air conditioners have a reputation for their reliability, quality, and extensive features

The brand offers an extensive number of air conditioner models which vary depending on their specifications and price. The BTU of the brand’s AC models ranges from 12000 to 24000 depending on unit capacity. The brand offers ACs in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton categories which are perfect for any type f room. The ACs commonly have a cooling range between 180 and 300 under all weather conditions. The Heavy Duty Compressor of the brand’s air conditioners makes the ac run smoothly and perfectly throughout its life. They design their features like eco-friendly, energy-saving, and low-electricity bills consuming.

All the MyOne air conditioners are equipped with dust and odor filters, which keeps your room fresh, energized, and odorless. These air conditioners have built-in filter fast cooling technology which makes the air inside the room cooler in a very short amount of time. Some of the other features of the brand’s ACs include turbo mode, fan, adjustable air direction, LED display, and easy maintenance. These air conditioners can be purchased through an easy monthly installment process by the customer.

MyOne also has an excellent servicing and warranty system which goes up to 5 years. Some very popular models of MyOne air conditioners are MyOne Split AC MY 12 k BDT 20000, MyOne Split AC MY 18 k costing in 55000 BDT and MyOne Split AC MY 24 k in  60000 BDT.

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