National AC Price in Bangladesh

National is a well-known brand in Bangladesh when it comes to Air Conditioners. For years the brand has marketed great quality ACs all over the country. National ACs are known for their durability and affordability, and their customers can choose from a long list of ACs that best suit their needs.

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National AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest National Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
National ARC18MD-K1NNB8E/I 50,000 Taka
National ARC24QD-K3NNA1D 53,990 Taka
National Air Curtain 3 Feet 12,500 Taka
National Air Curtain 4 Feet 28,000 Taka


National ensures that only the best materials be used in making their products. This long-standing tradition has itself a trusted brand in the country. Above all else, National ACs deliver a great deal of value to the customers compared to other brands in the market.

National has markets all sorts of ACs, including window and split type ACs. The brand as an extensive collection of products to choose from. There are available models in the 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2.0 Ton range. The brand also covers a good deal of pricing range with its pricing strategy. For most of their ACs, prices start from around BDT 35000 and go up to around BDT 70000. The ACs have quite some useful functions. Depending on the BTU models of the ACs are 12000 for 1 Ton, 18000 for 1.5 Ton and 24000 for 2 Ton units.

The ACs operate at the standard 220V of electric current. Most of the ACs use rotary type compressors which are proven to be reliable under all types of weather conditions. The ACs ensure fast and efficient cooling f rooms. Most of them come with filters for clean airflow and use copper condensers for the best cooling effect. Multi-directional airflow systems can send cold air to every part of the room. The ACs also come with turbo and sleep mode as well as a timer for more user comfort.

A great model from the brand is the National ARC18MD-K1NNB8E/I 1.5 Ton Split Type AC that can cost around BDT 50000.

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