Netgear Router Price in Bangladesh

Wi-Fi router has become an essential thing for us. Because in every place, everyone uses the internet. Using mobile data costs a lot where we can use and share broadband connections easily with a Wi-Fi router. In Bangladesh, many brands are selling their Wi-Fi routers. Netgear is one of them.

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Netgear Router Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Netgear Routers Price in Bangladesh
Netgear Wireless R7000 AC1900 Mbps 14,000 Taka
Netgear R6850 Wireless AC2000 Mbps 9,500 Taka
Netgear R6260 Wireless AC1600 Mbps 6,300 Taka
Netgear R6220 AC1200 Mbps 5,120 Taka
Netgear R6080 AC1000 3,400 Taka


This brand has many routers available in the market. For different users, it has different types of routers. For light use, you can get Netgear JNR1010 5dbi which is 150 Mbps router. It has one antenna, 4 LAN ports, and one WAN port. This router costs 1900 BDT. If there is less user, then this one is perfect for you. But if you need more powerful router then you can go 300 Mbps routers. Price ranges from 1450 BDT to 2500 BDT. There are some variants in this type. Some can cover more space, and some can cover less. You can choose the suitable one for you. Some models in this segment are Netgear WNR614 Push N Connect router, Netgear WNR614 Push N Double Firewall router and many more.

For heavy use, this brand has more variants for you. If you need to cover a bigger place where many people use the internet you can go for these types. Also can provide a very smooth connection to many users by these routers. Here some routers are with conceal antenna, and some are with from 2 antennas to 4 antennas. 450 Mbps Netgear R6020 Wireless 128MB RAM router will cost 3300 BDT. It has auto-sensing technology, USB port and many other features in it. In 5900 BDT you can get Netgear R6220 Dual Band AC1200 Mbps Wireless Router. For more heavy-duty, this brand has Netgear R8000 Wireless 3200 Mbps Dual Band USB Wi-Fi Router, and it costs 27,000 BDT. This router has many cool features. Most of this routers in this segment has ethernet ports because you need a good internet connection to distribute it with this router.

So, based on your requirements, this brand has many options for you. You can get a router for smooth use from this brand.

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