Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Nokia is well known as the once huge industry leaders in the world of smartphones. Nokia had a very colorful history of being mobile juggernauts. The mobile manufacturers were once the one all end all of anything that was considered a mobile device. Nokia went through quite a lot of ups and downs. Now, they have returned to the market and are continuing their array of releases as the Nokia brand again. Nokia phones have always had their own unique brand of brilliance. Their return has injected the mobile industry with new phones for the new market of users.

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Nokia Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Nokia Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Nokia 2720 Flip 9,500 Taka
Nokia 800 Tough 10,250 Taka
Nokia 6.2 19,990 Taka
Nokia 7.2 28,990 Taka
Nokia 2.2 8,990 Taka


Nokia is a Finnish communication and consumer electronics brand. Initially, they were a brand giving telecommunication services to the Finnish market. But eventually, they started making their own handsets. Their mobiles were very well made and gave a very good performance. This was a very strong opening for a company at the time when mobile communication was just starting to take off. Their phones brought them more success. This meant that Nokia would push the boundaries of what the mobile phone meant at the time. They would be one of the first brands to link the use of the internet with wireless mobile devices.

Nokia phones were making considerable jumps in making the mobile phone industry much varied. The mobile phone is now becoming more than just a device to make calls from. It was incorporating more visual integration of the operating systems. Their Java operating system was making it much easier to make new applications for mobile users. Video players, music players, games, and other new additions were being made. This was never thought of back in the day. Nokia was leading the charge in making these multifaceted devices. Nokia mobile series like N70, E72, and the Xpress music series were making the mobile, use of varied experience for the customers.

They put their pedal to the metal by releasing even more innovative sets. The Nokia E series was focused on the business class users. The N series was the flagship series and the Xpress music varied users. In between, Many mobile models were released from 2006-2010. Nokia mobile sets were almost untouchable in the sense that no brands could match up to them in terms of popularity or sales. They started adopting the Symbian operating system with their phones. Their mobiles would see them go through some changes at this point.

At the time, touch screen mobile phones were gaining popularity. The introduction of the Nokia 5800 had a great response from the market. They were the market leaders still at that time. But now mobile phones themselves were experiencing a shift. Now mobile phones were starting their transformation of being smartphones. The arrival of Apple and Google’s Android systems meant that more and more phones would be adapting the smartphones. The Nokia E7 had that in mind with the use of the Symbian 3 operating system. But as the interest grew in smartphones, Nokia had to start new innovations.

Nokia started to move towards a different direction compared to the other brands. They entered a partnership with Microsoft. Instead of this partnership, Nokia would make mobile phones of the windows phone operating systems. This partnership would be branded as Nokia Lumia. Nokia Lumia would be a unique experience as the user interface, and the operating system was also unique. They would release quite a few mobiles under the Lumia moniker. The Lumia sets would be focused on the usage of the windows phone platform, the Nokia experience, and the professional level mobile camera. 

But in time, the partnership would be dissolved. Between this time, Nokia started laying the foundation for their Android system. But they would not be able to use the full extent of Android capabilities as they would only have a forked version of Android running. In time the Lumia brand would be taken by Microsoft, and the Nokia brand would go quiet for some years. In the years they would be looking to keep the business running with Nokia networks. But eventually in 2016 Nokia was back to being its own brand after its acquisition by HMD.

Now Nokia has regained some form of its former glory. Now Nokia primarily focuses on the use of Android as its operating system. Nokia phones have now retained their trademark reliability but also having Android support. As of 2019 Android, one is the main system for Nokia phones. Nokia has been especially successful in giving out Android updates than its contemporary rivals like Samsung. Nokia 7.1, Nokia PureView 9, Nokia 4.2 are recent models that are performing well. Nokia has also brought back its previous popular sets with new versions like the banana set and the flip phones. Nokia is slowly getting back into the competitive market.

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