Nova Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Nova is one of the better known electronic home appliance brands in Bangladesh. For years, the brand has been marketing many different products, including high-quality ovens in the local market. The ovens are known for their exceptional build quality and good looks. The products are easy to use and come with all sorts of modern functions that a customer would want. These ovens have a reputation of performing reliably in any situation, making them ideal for everyday household work. Apart from all that, Nova also provides its customers with some friendly and useful after-sale services.

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Nova Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Nova Ovens Price in Bangladesh


Nova offers some excellent ovens in the 20, 25, and 30-liter capacity range. The ovens are also priced very reasonably, starting at around BDT 8000 and ending at around BDT 18000. The ovens function at the optimum 220-230V voltage range. The output of the models tends to be around the 900-watt mark, making them very efficient in heating food. There are multiple preset cooking functions that the users can use as per convenience. There are also multiple power settings for various functions. Most of the ovens come with speed and weight defrost as well as a cooking timer. Glass turntables of various sizes are also included with the different oven models. Many of the models also allow for multi-stage cooking. Other common traits of the ovens include large displays, easy to use control panel, and time display. The exteriors of the ovens utilize some of the most modern and stylish design aspects in the market. The attractive looks and vibrant colors of the ovens help them suit any sort of interior. Nova also provides great after-sale terms such as guarantees and warranties with all its products. Some popular models from the brand include the Nova NV-1101 Oven at around BDT 10000 and the Nova NV-1102 at around BDT 14000.

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