Nova AC Price in Bangladesh

Nova is a consumer electronics and home appliances brand that is based in Bangladesh. The brand deals in an extensive list of electronic appliances that include air conditioners. For years Nova has been providing its customers with great quality ACs at very reasonable prices.

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Nova AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Nova Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Nova 1.5 Ton (NV-18KBAC) 54,000 Taka
Nova 2.0 Ton (NV-24KBAC) 60,500 Taka

Compared to other contemporary brands, Nova has a smaller list of AC models. But all of them are better than average ACs in terms of quality, design, and reliability. Nova also maintains great service and warranty system for its products. The brand has many lucrative and attractive deals in place for its customer base. Currently, Nova ranks as one of the major local AC brands in the country.

Nova has always held the belief of delivering efficient products at affordable prices. The AC business of the brand is no exception. Nova sources most of its hardware from Taiwan to ensure no compromise in terms of quality. The brand strives to serve the masses by keeping its prices as low as possible. Nova specializes in the Split AC categories with prices starting from BDT 49000 to BDT 57000 (depending on the price). The brand has a great selection in the 1.5 Tons and 2.0 Tons departments with unit BTU between 14000 and 24000. Nova ACs have an average cooling range between 190 and 280 which can be operated under any weather condition. The ACs are highly efficient when it comes to electricity consumption.

In most cases, Nova ACs are capable of saving up to 70% in terms of electricity consumption making the models friendly to both nature and the bill. The motors are made of 100% pure copper. Together with the heavy-duty Taiwanese compressors, the ACs provide a hassle-free and long-lasting machine life. The hardware is known to be durable and can last for years with the most minimum maintenance. The ACs come with easy to clean panels that makes the act of cleaning effortless. Also, the fast cooling feature in the Nova ACs can cool down any room in mere moments. The ACs also come with great designs that can light up any room. Nova maintains a very customer friendly service and warranty policy. In most cases, the compressor and parts warranty lasts for multiple years.

Some very popular AC models from the brand include the Nova NV-18KBAC 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner at BDT 50000 and the Nova NV-24KBAC 2.0 Ton Split AC at BDT 57000.

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