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Novena is one of the most reputed and well-established brands in the world of consumer and home electronics. For a long time, it has been marketing a massive of products, including good quality ovens. Novena has been using the latest technology to produce its ovens, which are both rich in quality and style. The ovens are within the affordable price range for the general consumers, come with all sorts of modern amenities as well as reliable and very easy to use. The post-sales policy of Novena is customer-friendly, which has made the products even more lucrative among consumers.

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Novena Oven Price List in Bangladesh

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Novena 20L 8700 Taka


Novena produces a wide range of quality ovens that come with the capacities starting from 20 liters to 42 liters. The ovens are quite affordable, with their price staring around BDT 10000 to BDT 36000 for the more popular models. Generally, the ovens have rated output power of 800 to 1000 Watts, and the optimum working voltage is around 220V~50Hz. The ovens have an effective interior design for quick and even cooking and deliver outstanding performance when being used. Most of the models come with easy-to-use door handle with LED display, or Digital control, Express Defrost Key for effective cooking. Depending on the price, additional features like multiple power levels, powerful convection, roller ring, cooking-end signal, easy-tronic control, and one-touch instant action menu are present or absent. Child safety locks in the models provide an extra layer of security. The elegant designs and attractive colors are bound to impress any consumer and suit any sort of interior. The after-sales policy of Novena ovens includes warranty and guarantees on different parts as well as free servicing. Some of the most popular models from the brand include the Novena Microwave Oven R 249(S) at BDT 13000 Novena Microwave Oven R-94A0(STV) at BDT 36000.

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