Novena Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Novena makes home appliances and electronic solutions for home uses. Novena brings very intricate design and manufacturing levels to home solutions, come in many shapes, sizes, and for different uses. We know home appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc.

But other smaller items are also appliances, and these smaller items make everyday chores much easier. For this, Novena puts its concentration on these products. Novena also makes some items like a microwave, but most of the products are on a smaller scale.

Novena’s product line includes cookers, blenders, mixers, dryers, water heaters, pans, ovens, cookware sets, coffee machines, mixing bowls, measuring tools and scales, and many more. Novena also has a range of room heaters.

Power Consumption
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Novena Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Novena Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
Novena NRH-1201 2,500 Taka
Novena NRH-1202 2,550 Taka

Novena room heaters have great design and specifications. For a household, room heaters are items that many disregards. But at times of cruel cold-weather room heaters can preserve health in a very good way. Novena heaters are made keeping these heating needs in check. Novena room heaters are designed to make sure optimum heat is offered for all members of the household. These heaters cover the whole room very well. There are optimum heating levels to ensure it is just hot enough and also make sure enough heat is there in the first place. It provides the comfort levels of the whole family.

Novena room heaters put all of these aspects into their manufacturing to produce great room heaters. Novena room heaters also make sure that power consumption is kept to a bare minimum. Novena also puts eco-friendly specifications to save the family from pollution. Novena room heaters put the comfort of the users at the top of their checklist. Power reservation, comfort, and eco-friendly designs make Novena a very good choice for room heating demands for the whole family. Novena heaters raise the heat, but it never gets unbearable.

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