Novena Iron Price in Bangladesh

Novena is a brand of home appliances, electronics, and utility-based manufacturer established in Singapore. Novena has been in the electronics business for the last decade or so. They have operated under many industries to provide consumer-based options for many uses. Novena has a lot of products, focus on home appliances, electronic parts, and special machinery solutions in various markets. But they are globally known for their small home appliance range products.
They have microwave ovens, room heaters, air coolers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, kitchen accessories, and so on. They also have products on the series of homecare and cleaning range of products. Their homecare products include a very good range of Irons.

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Novena Iron Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Novena Irons Price in Bangladesh
Novena DRI 1000 Taka
Novena NI 1182 1200 Taka
Novena NI 1174 1000 Taka


Novena is a brand that places utility over every other option. Products of Novena brand are made with each use case in mind. One type of demand might have many needs, and those needs have many solutions. So Novena has been making these irons in the same vein. Novena irons are mainly Dry Irons. Their irons are branded DRI because of that liking. Novena irons have optimum power usage of 1000-1200w that is needed for ironing needs, which has many power options for different heating. Many different types of fabrics need different heating. The heating can be easily controlled from the well-designed control knobs as well. Novena irons have great cord flexibility and length to ensure easy usage.

Novena puts the main necessities of a solution into their products for the best results. They have done the same thing with their range of irons. Novena has mixed good power options, good heating systems, great controls, and ease of use into one whole range of products that deliver the necessities properly. Novena has been known for their no-nonsense all utility approach, and that shows in this product as well.

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