Ocean Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Ocean is a top Italian brand that deals in all sorts of electronics and home appliance products. Its global portfolio of products also includes a dedicated line of high-quality ovens. The Ovens are well known for their attractive design features as well as their reliable performance. Ocean maintains a strict and uncompromising standard when it comes to their ovens that go a long way in ensuring consumer confidence. The products come with all sorts of attractive and easy to use functions at a very affordable price range. Ocean also maintains some great customer service policies that further elevates the status of their products.

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Ocean Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Ocean Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Ocean OMOB628 12000 Taka
Ocean OMO25Y 13700 Taka
Ocean OMOD9 15700 Taka
Ocean OMO17 8200 Taka
Ocean OMOC22 9200 Taka


Established in 1947, Ocean has an impressive collection of ovens that it markets across more than 100 different nations across the globe. Most of their popular models come with ranges between 17 to 30 liters. The pricing of the products starts at around BDT 8000 and runs up to around BDT 20000. All the ovens operate at the standard voltage level and have an output of around 900 watts. Most of the products come with separate defrost function that makes heating easy. The ovens are equipped with comfortable and easy to use door handles. Some models also come with child lock systems for additional safety. Cooking aids such as clock & timer, LED display as well as pre-set auto menu are also available. Some models even come with separate grill, roast, steam, and microwave functions. The ovens also come with easy to use and extremely user-friendly electronics interface. The external features of the oven comprise of a good combination of elegant and practical design features. The products look attractive and would suit any type of kitchen interior. Some great models from the brand include the Ocean OMO23JQ2-23L Microwave Oven at around BDT 9000 and the Ocean OMOB628-28L Microwave Oven at around BDT 13000.

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