Ocean Iron Price in Bangladesh

Ocean is a manufacturer of electronics and appliance solutions with a central focus on kitchen and homecare products. Ocean has been a very well known brand in the world for appliances. Their main mode of manufacturing goes into the deliverance of great performance with convenient pricing. Using this philosophy, they have been making appliances to suit the needs of consumers worldwide. They have engaged in business in South Asia, China, European countries, and some parts of North America as well. Ocean is known for their multi-product range and varied solutions for different products. Ocean line of products includes consumer electronics like TVs, refrigerators, air coolers, air conditioners, water coolers, room heaters, air purifiers, kitchen accessories, and also electronic parts in minor cases. They also have a range of homecare and cleaning items in their arsenal of products. Among the home care options, they have a well-equipped range of Irons.

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Ocean Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Ocean Irons Price in Bangladesh
Ocean Os16 900 Taka
Ocean AB30 1300 Taka
Ocean OS1650 1000 Taka 
Ocean  OEO219 800 Taka
Ocean OHDI73 1000 Taka


Ocean has been known as very price-conscious brands in their target markets. People shopping for appliances under a certain budget can find great products and solutions at very low prices. This sentiment is carried forward into their range of irons as well. They have both steam and dry irons in this range of products. Their steam irons are usually designed with types of fabric and clothes that ruffle up very quickly into consideration. There are many levels of heat control in their steam irons with good water capacity as well. The dry irons are equally adept with good spray and heating options. The knobs and controls are easy to operate with indicators placed properly.

Ocean range of irons is a very convenient solution for the household. They can be used for heavy-duty or regular use. Ocean provides great models for both of these use cases.

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