Ohyo TV Price in Bangladesh

Ohyo is a well-known television brand that specializes in making HD LED TVs. The brand has made a name for itself when it comes to their high quality and affordable Smart televisions. They have a large selection of products covering a wide screen size base that can rival any other brand in the market. They also maintain an excellent service and warranty program. The affordability and value for price of Ohyo products have made the brand a very appealing choice for many people looking to buy a quality TV.

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Ohyo TV Price List in Bangladesh

Latest  Ohyo Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Ohyo 32" 13000 Taka
Ohyo 43" 27000 Taka
Ohyo 50" 42000 Taka
Ohyo 22" 8000 Taka
Ohyo 40" 20000 Taka


Ohyo competes in the television market with their LED and Smart TV lines. They have a good variety of products covering different price and size sets. People can find most Ohyo TVs in the market between BDT 8000. And BDT 100000.

This diversity in pricing and products makes the brand suitable for almost all customer segments in the television market. A good budget model from the brand is the Ohyo Double Glass (Eye Protector) HD LED TV - 32'' at just around BDT 15000. This model has a good 32-inch HD LED display with a screen resolution of 720p.

Additionally, the Display panel has eye protection technology incorporated in it. HDMI, USB, and VGA ports are also included in the design. Then we have the Ohyo Smart HD LED TV - 39''. This Smart TV comes with a 39-inch HD LED display. The unit has full internet capabilities including WIFI and wired internet ports. The model also has multiple HDMI, USB and VGA ports making it compatible with any PC. This model costs around BDT 26000.

Another good model is the Ohyo Smart HD LED TV - 50''. This model sports a gorgeous 50-inch HD LED display. The screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels and a high output sound system is assured to treat the viewer with great TV experience. The model wired and wireless networking capabilities as well as HDMI, USB and VGA ports. The price tag for this model is around BDT  47000.

Towards the upper end of the pricing spectrum, we have the Ohyo Smart HD LED TV - 65'' that has a large 65-inch HD LED display panel. The Smart TV also incorporates a slim and sharp look with an inbuilt high output sound system. Alongside full networking capabilities, this model also comes with extra HDMI and USB ports. This model costs around BDT 90000.


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