Panasonic AC Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic is one of the largest Japanese electronics brands that manufactures and markets in a myriad of electronic products. The company has been active in the HVAC industry for a long time producing some of the best Air Conditioners in the market. Panasonic ACs are well-known for their great engineering and design features. The brand uses some of the latest and cutting edge cooling technology when making their world-class ACs. The ACs are also very reasonably priced and deliver some of the vest values to the customer. Currently, Panasonic is one of the leading brands in the HVAC industry.


Panasonic AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Panasonic Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Panasonic CU-US18SKD | 1.5 Ton 83,000 Taka
Panasonic CU-US24SKD | 2 Ton 96,000 Taka
Panasonic YC12RKD | 1.0 Ton 53,000 Taka
Panasonic YC24RKD | 2.0 Tons 78,000 Taka
Panasonic CU-S13PKH | 1.0 Ton 75,000 Taka


Panasonic was established in 1918 and currently serves a huge customer base that spans the entire globe. The brand markets a number of AC types with its specialty being Split ACs. The models are also priced fairly with most ACs coming between BDT 60000 and BDT 170000 in the market. The ACs come with a large number of useful and practical functions that are all designed keeping the user in mind.

The brand markets ACs in the 1.0 ton, 1.5 ton, 2.0 ton, 2.5 ton and 3.0 ton with a BTU range of 12000 to 36000. The ACs are all energy-saving and require much less electricity to operate compared to models from other brands. The super chill blast and jet cool technology are effective in cooling down any room quickly and efficiently. The ACs come with moisture removers and dehumidifiers that are built into the units.

The ACs are equipped with an assortment of filters (Dust, Bacteria, Smoke, Smell) that always insures a constant & clean air supply for the room. The filters are also easy to clean, which means hassle-free maintenance. Some other features in most Panasonic ACs include a timer, auto restart, in filter deactivation, auto mode, low noise, and low ambient cooling function.

A great model from the brand is the Panasonic CS C18PKH+H 1.5 Ton Split AC at BDT 89000.

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