Panasonic Iron Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic has been a global leader and a popular name in the electronics sector, for a long time. Panasonic was established in 1918 and was a supplier of electronic parts like sockets. In time they used their innovations to break into many industries and markets. Now Panasonic is manufacturing products for both consumer and industrial uses. They have produced home appliances like air conditioners, televisions, microwave ovens, water coolers, air purifiers, lighting technologies. Newly,  their brand of android phones is released in the market. They are very well known brands for their cutting edge ideas and providing premium level products for all. The premium and bigger appliances are very frequent, and people recognize the Panasonic brand quite easily. But they also have a firm grasp on the small appliance and cleansing items. They manufacture a bevy of homecare products. The Panasonic range of irons are well known in the eyes of the market users. 

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Panasonic Iron Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Panasonic Irons Price in Bangladesh
Panasonic 317T 1500 Taka
Panasonic W310 3400 Taka 
Panasonic NI100DX 3200 Taka
Panasonic NI-25 1600 Taka
Panasonic NI100 2000 Taka


Panasonic irons are very well known. In many underdeveloped appliance markets, most people have used the Panasonic brand of irons beforehand. Panasonic irons are very well known all across the globe and have contributed to bringing in new features for users into the markets. They have dry, steam, hybrid, cordless irons in their Iron range. Their dry irons are power efficient and good for household work. Steam irons have great water-capacity and power for tough-creases and stubborn fabric types. Their cordless irons are great for easy maneuvering and have very good controls.

Apart from these solutions, Panasonic also manufactures iron stations for commercial laundries and heavy-duty uses. They produce great steam for professional ironing performance. So Panasonic irons live up to the Panasonic name and branding quite well. Panasonic irons bring variety, compact performance and longevity guarantee in their irons. Panasonic irons still stand the test of time as a reliable homecare appliance.

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