Panasonic Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic Corporation is a leading technology brand of North America, which is popular and favorite to the people of all around the world. This corporation has got a partnership and integration with both businesses and government agencies across the region.

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Panasonic Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Panasonic Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Panasonic EM-2800A 1500 Taka


It was 1918 when Panasonic was incorporated, and it's headquartered in Japan. Since its inception, they have kept people at their center of all activities and was determined to give them a better life. They have always tried to stay aligned with their motto "A better life, A better world" by their innovative technology. Panasonic has always put their best efforts to revolutionize the lives of the people through their products. They are providing various types of products, services, systems that can serve both consumer and industrial purposes. Panasonic has also diversified themselves by engaging in different other businesses, which include homes, communities, automobile, etc. In short, they are trying to give the people a new taste of life through their products and services. 

Panasonic has made enormous arrangements for the customers by producing different types and varieties of products. They have a camera, camcorder, audio devices, home, and office products and many more. A microphone is one of the key products of Panasonic, but now they are manufacturing and providing a microphone attached to other devices. They are making telephone headset with microphone, microphone attached with a camera and they have a stereo microphone too. The most popular models of the microphone of Panasonic are KX-TCA430, DMW-MS1, RP-VK25, RP-VK35, VW-VMS10, etc. These models of the microphone are very much popular to the people because of their features and sound quality. 

If we consider the price range of Panasonic microphone, then it is fair enough to say that they are giving much more compared to the price. They are going to an extra mile for their customers and providing high-quality products at an affordable price. The price of the microphone of Panasonic starts from BDT 1,000 to BDT 10,000. Their most popular products are ranged from BDT 1500 to BDT 3000. The price of one of their most sold product, KX-TCA430 is around BDT 1700 whereas RP-VK35 is around BDT 1500. So it is the price that attracts most of the customers because they are getting a branded product at an affordable rate. The path that Panasonic is following is extremely commendable because the strategy they are taking are making the customers attracted and satisfied. 

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