Philips Iron Price in Bangladesh

Phillips is a very well renowned brand when it comes to electronics and appliances. Phillips was established in the year 1891 in the Netherlands as a light bulb manufacturer, and the manufacturers were a father-son duo. Ultimately they provided very great lighting solutions that catapulted them into the international markets. Eventually, Phillips moved into more consumer products other than lighting. They concentrated their efforts on consumer electronics. Currently, Phillips is a multinational conglomerate that provided electronic appliances, machinery, and medical equipment and is one of the largest electronics companies in the world right now. Their efforts have been concentrated on home appliances. They have brought out a very sizable portion of homecare products and personal care products. These are made with cutting edge Phillips technology. One great application in the Homecare front is the Philips iron range, which is quite popular.

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Phillips Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Phillips Irons Price in Bangladesh
Phillips GC008 1400 Taka
Phillips HD1134 1400 Taka
Phillips GC113 1400 Taka
Phillips GC 101 1200 Taka
Phillips GC1424 2200 Taka


Philips iron range is one of the most recognizable ironing brands in the world. Their products usually bring out the latest technologies in the world of ironing solutions, which have been trendsetters in this market for a long while. Their ironing products are divided into two groups and some auxiliary products as well. Some are dry irons and Steam Irons.

The dry irons have good power options, variable heat adjustment, soleplates with V-shapes for tough spaces, and good control options. The steam irons also have great water capacity and steam options with outstanding self-cleaning features for ease of use. Cordless irons are easy to handle and good for the movement.

Phillips has to lead the charge in most cases in terms of innovative features in irons. This new brand of products in the market has continued the trend for Philips quite well. Philips is bringing in more and more products to satisfy customer needs, and the iron range is proving that.

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