Philips Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Philips is a Dutch multinational company founded in 1891. Its currently headquartered in Amsterdam. Philips is one of the largest companies in the world that mostly produce electronics and medical equipment.Philips is mostly known for its medical equipment and lighting, but they also manufacture and sell computer peripherals such as monitors.

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Philips Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Philips Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Philips 193V 19.5" 5900 Taka
Philips 206V 19.5" 7000 Taka
Philips 226V 21.5" 9000 Taka
Philips 224E 21.5" 9800 Taka
Philips 223V 21.5" 10000 Taka


Philips monitors are not that popular compared to its rival brands. Most of the monitors they produce are targeted towards businesses and professionals. They also produce monitors for home use.

For the home monitors, Philips has the V and the E series. These monitors are made to fit into a home environment and serve its purpose in a cost-effective way. The monitors in these series come with FHD, QHD, or UHD resolutions. The sizes are usually 24 inches or 27 inches.

For the professional monitors, Philips has the B, P, and S series of monitors. These monitors are suitable for offices and made for professional work. Philips tunes their monitors for color-critical work for good color representation. Some of the monitors in these series also have a built-in sensor that can dim the display to save power, when the user is not there.

Philips doesn’t have that many offerings when it comes to gaming monitors. They mostly focus on professional monitors, and that's why they are not that popular compared to their other products in the market.

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