Philips Trimmer Price in Bangladesh

Trimmer has become a necessary thing for many of us. This machine has made shaving very easy and time-saving. In Bangladesh, many trimmers from many good brands are available. Amongst those brands, one of the most reliable and popular brands is Philips. This brand has a great value all over the world for its products. If you want to buy a trimmer from this brand, then have a look at the available models.

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Philips Trimmer Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Philips Trimmers Price in Bangladesh
Philips BT-1210 1,499 Taka
Philips QT-4006 4,000 Taka
Philips QG-3320 3,599 Taka
Philips Aqua Touch Shaver 1,699 Taka
Philips QT4000 1,999 Taka


Philips has many awesome trimmers available in Bangladesh. A great trimmer from this brand is Philips QG3387. With this trimmer, you can trim your hair, beard, sideburns, and neck. It has 1-18 mm adjustable lengths to get a perfect cut. It gives you a perfect line cut around your beard. You can trim your nose hair also by this. You can use it for 50 minutes after a 1-hour charge, which is so cool. This trimmer costs 7900 BDT approximately.

In the almost same price range, you can buy Philips QT4011 from the 300 series. This trimmer works for 90 minutes after a full charge, which is more than enough. It has different adjustable cutting levels. Price of this one is 7500 BDT. At the same price, you can buy a Philips MG7715. This one comes with many tools and features. 

If you want one from medium or low-price range, then you should check out the Philips MG3730/15. This one costs 6000 BDT. This one comes with many things. Actually, this one is a grooming set. At this price, this one is perfect. You can buy Philips BT3215/15 from 3000 series. This one costs 4000 BDT.

You can use it for 50 minutes after charging it for 1 hour. More Trimmers from Philips are Philips Aqua Touch S5050/06, Philips Aqua Touch AT-750, Philips QG3332/23, etc. All these trimmers are very good and comfortable. From these durable and made of high-quality products, you can choose one for you within your budget.

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