Prolink Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Prolink is being provided with innovative technology by Fida International Pte. Ltd. since 1991. Prolink produces a wide range of products starting from displays, wireless networking gadgets, and PC peripherals. Prolink produces products for both uses at home and use in office environments and aim to deliver good quality that they can to their customers. In terms of the keyboards, Prolink has both gaming and non-gaming offerings. In Terms of their non-gaming keyboards, they only have one lineup, and it is their PKCS lineup.

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Prolink Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Prolink Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Prolink EGREGIUS 2800 Taka
Prolink PCWM-7003 1200 Taka 
Prolink VOLANS 1600 Taka


Coming to the non-gaming side first, Prolink has offered traditional and simple keyboards that have a modern looking sleek design. The keyboards have a minimalistic look and don’t look flashy or in the face like gaming keyboards. The design varies from model to model, and some of them feature additional multi-media keys to make content consumption more enjoyable and hassle-free. These keyboards are well suited for office environments. They work fine for general productivity and casual for home use.
Coming to the gaming side of things, Prolink doesn’t have a ton of offerings when it comes to that. They don’t have any specific lineups for their gaming keyboards, but the keyboards have distinct model names. Their gaming centered products have a very different appearance compared to the non-gaming keyboards. Prolink’s gaming keyboards are meant to be on the more budget-friendly side and come with membrane keys and not mechanical switches. These keyboards come with backlighting, but are they are not RGB. Some models also feature multi-media keys and anti-ghosting.
Prolink’s non-gaming lineup has quality products that are great for offices. The keyboards have good value and reliable, but their gaming products are not so great and don’t have many offerings. But still, are alright for anyone who is looking for very entry-level gaming keyboards.

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