PROLINK Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Prolink is being provided with innovative technology by Fida International Pte. Ltd. since 1991. Prolink produces a wide range of products starting from displays, wireless networking gadgets, and PC peripherals. Prolink produces products for both uses at home and uses in office environments and aims to deliver good quality that they can to their customers.
In terms of PC peripherals, ProLink manufactures both keyboards and mouse. They offer mice that are mostly productivity-oriented. The mice that they manufacture come in various different designs, and they also manufacture both wired and wireless mouse. The main lineups that ProLink has are their PMC and PMW lineups.

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ProLink Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest ProLink Mouses Price in Bangladesh
ProLink PMC1005 325 Taka
ProLink PMW5006 500 Taka
ProLink PMW6006 650 Taka
ProLink PMG9002 700 Taka
ProLink PMW5005 750 Taka


The PMC lineup consists of mice that have a wired connection. The mouses are featured in the PMC lineup, which has a simple and minimalistic look. Some models come in a wide variety of colors and designs that make them unique in appearance. Certain models in the PMC lineup also feature LED illumination. The PMC series of mice come with an optical sensor that usually goes from 800 to 1200DPI, and the sensors also work well on most surfaces.
The wireless mouse that ProLink manufactures all fall under their PMW lineup. The PMW series of mice feature wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz technology or Bluetooth. The PMW mice have simple designs, but some models also come with various designs on top of the mouse to make it look different and stand out. The PMW mouse all features an optical sensor and mostly comes in a compact form factor that makes them very portable and great for using them on the go.
ProLink also offers a few models of gaming mouse with some models featuring LED illumination and laser sensors with additional buttons.
ProLink offers a good quality productivity-oriented mouse that is reliable and offers value, but their gaming mouse is not that great.

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