Rangs AC Price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an emerging market for air conditioners, with many options in both imported and local models. As with any such purchase, affordability and efficiency are both key considerations when choosing the right air conditioner for your home or office. However, the sheer breadth of options can be overwhelming for consumers.

This post will focus on Rangs air conditioners and their prices in Bangladesh, providing readers with an overview of the features, performance, and cost of this brand. We will also be considering some of the most cost effective models, so that readers have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. This post will provide readers with a comprehensive guide to Rangs ACs in Bangladesh and allow them to make an educated purchase decision.

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Rangs AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Rangs Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Rangs RSDC-24CH
45,000 Taka
Rangs RSA-21M 64,900 Taka


The ACs utilize the best in cooling technology that makes them very reliable and durable. The models are also stunning to look at. Above all else, the ACs are affordable and deliver a lot of value to the customers. Because of their excellent products and service, Rangs maintains its position as a leading AC brand in the country.

Rangs markets several different AC types including Cassette, Ceiling, and Split ACs. The brand has a specialty when it comes to Spit ACs and has a number of excellent models in the 1.0 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2.0-ton categories. Most of the ACs come in between BDT 50000 and BDT 100000. The ACs are packed with useful and practical features to help the users. The ranges of BTU of the ACs are from 12000 for 1-ton models to 24000 for the 2-ton models and average cooling range from 180 to 290 for any weather condition.

Cooling jets from the units can cool down any room within moments. The multi-directional and adjustable airflow ensures even cooling everywhere inside the room. The ACs also come with filters that insure clean air supply. Some other useful functions include auto restart, timer, LED display, sleep mode, and easy maintenance.

The models are generally compact, and the modern looks can complement any type of interior. Rangs also maintains the best service and warranty policies in the market on top of their great products. A popular model from the brand is the Rangs RSA-27M 2 Ton Split AC that costs around BDT 70000.

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