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Rangs electronics is one of the premier electronics brands in the country. The brand has a long list of home appliances products under its name, including a line of top quality ovens. The ovens from the brand are best known for their functionality and durability. Rangs uses some of the best in technology and engineering in manufacturing their products. These products hold the highest standards in regards to quality and design. The ovens also come filled with useful and practical functions that help in everyday household cooking. The ovens are also surprisingly affordable and deliver a great deal of value. On top of all of this, the brand also provides some top-notch customer services alongside their excellent products.

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Rangs Oven Price List in Bangladesh

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Rangs RMG-6QCK 9500 Taka


Currently, Rangs maintains a sizable oven collection that comes in capacity ranging from 20 liters to 30 liters for the most part. These ovens are priced roughly from BDT 12000 to around BDT 20000 in the market. The ovens have a standard operating voltage of around 220V~50Hz and consume a maximum of 2000 watts. There is a multi-level power output with the maximum figure being around 1400 watts that ensure thorough cooking and heating. The interior cavity of most ovens are made of stainless steel and are very easy to clean and maintain. The ovens have a separate microwave, convection, and grill function with many models allowing combination cooking. The ovens come with easy to use digital number pads and knobs as well as comfortable door handles. There are multiple preset functions, including speed, and weight defrost. The speedy cooking option is also available in some models. The ovens incorporate other common features such as large display, clock, timer, quick start, and a child safety lock for added security. The exteriors of the ovens feature slick and elegant design features that would suit any kitchen. Some popular models from the brand include the Rangs RMC-25G and the Rangs RMC-34M.

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