Rapoo Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Amongst many headphone brands, Rapoo is a famous one. This brand has some awesome headphones available in the various price range.

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Rapoo Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

 Latest Rapoo Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Rapoo VM210 1,850 Taka
Rapoo VM120  800 Taka
Rapoo VM150 1,500 Taka
Rapoo VM300 2,000 Taka
Rapoo EP30 650 Taka


If you want something at a low price, then you can go for the Rapoo H100 which is a wired headphone. This headphone has a lovely outlook and excellent sound quality. This adjustable headphone has a good quality microphone for call and gaming. Price of this headphone from Rapoo is about 650 BDT. Another good headphone from this brand is Rapoo H120. This headphone uses USB to connect with devices. Especially for computers, this headphone is made. This headphone supports microphone mute, which is a helpful feature.

If you want a Bluetooth headphone, then you can go for Rapoo H6020. This wireless Bluetooth headphone cam plays up to 12 hours, and for calls, you can use it for 15 hours. This one has a volume controller and call receiver. This one has different color options also, and the price of this headphone is 1400 BDT approximately. Another Bluetooth headphone from this brand is Rapoo S100, which costs about 1850 BDT. This headphone has beautiful graphics in its body, and it is foldable. You can carry it anywhere easily. It gives 20 hours of music back up, which is so good. For games, Rapoo VH150 Backlit Gaming Headset is a great one. It has muscular outlook with mind-blowing performance. This headphone has lights in the earbuds and price of this headphone is 2250 BDT.

Rapoo VPRO VH200 Illuminated Gaming Headset is another great headphone for game lovers. This one has light decoration also, which looks so cool. With a noise-canceling microphone, this headphone costs 2600 BDT. Rapoo VPRO VH600 7:1 RGB Gaming Headset is headphone, which supports 3D sound in it. You can enjoy a game to the fullest by this headphone. Price of this headphone from Rapoo is 3800 BDT approximately.

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