Rapoo Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co. Ltd, are a peripheral manufacturing company that specializes in making wireless peripherals and aim to provide their global customers with good quality products. Rapoo was established in 2002, and after decades of operating in this industry, they have made quite a reputation, especially in the Asian markets.
Rapoo offers a huge variety of mouse that comes with different features, connectivity options, and appearances. Rapoo makes both gaming-oriented and non-gaming oriented mouse. As Rapoo mostly specializes in making wireless products, they make a lot of wireless mouse, but they also manufacture wired mouse as well.

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Rapoo Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rapoo Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Rapoo 3600 975 Taka
Rapoo 7200 975 Taka
Rapoo M100 950 Taka
Rapoo M300  1400 Taka
Rapoo MT600 1700 Taka


When it comes to non-gaming mouse, the main lineups that Rapoo has are their N, M, and MT lineups. The N lineup of mouse is Rapoo’s offerings of a wired mouse. These mouses have the traditional and simple look of a mouse and fit in great in an office environment. These are also great for casual at-home use or general productivity. The M lineup is their lineup of wireless mouse meant for productivity. The M lineup of mouses are also a component mouse that is great for the office and general at home use. The MT lineup also consists of wireless mouse, but these mouse feature multi-modes to enhance the user experience.
Coming to the gaming side of things The main lineups for Rapoo’s gaming mouses are their V lineup and VT lineup. The V lineup is Rapoo’s entry level offering. The V lineup consists of a basic gaming mouse with some models featuring additional buttons and even LED illumination. The VT lineup is Rapoo’s higher-end offering. The VT lineup consists of mouse that comes with an IR optical sensor for better tracking and better precision in gaming. The higher-end mouse in the VT lineup also features wireless connectivity.
Rapoo offers a wide range of products with different features and aesthetics so that they can appeal to people with different tastes.

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