Rapoo Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Almost all of us are using smartphones, and we are worried about our smartphone battery life. A simple gadget can solve our problem that is a power bank. A power bank can provide relief from all of our worries about our beloved smartphone. So It is very important to carry a power bank with everyone because smartphones have become part and parcel of our daily life. So today we are going to introduce a power bank brand which is called Rapoo. Rapoo Chinese Company founded in 2002. Rapoo manufactures and sells computer and smartphone accessories. You must use a good quality branded power bank to protect your smartphone from unwanted problems.

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Rapoo  Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rapoo Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Rapoo p20 5000mah 1000 Taka
Rapoo p390 10000 mah 1400 Taka
Rapoo p20 5000 mah 800 Taka
Rapoo p3000  1200 Taka
Rapoo p500c 10000 mah 1600 Taka


Rapoo provides really good quality power banks to its customers. They provide lots of eye-catching and innovative designs with quality. For example, Rapoo has two 10000 mAh power bank, which is totally different. The only similarity in both of them is their capacity. The two models are Rapoo P160 and Rapoo P200. Both of them totally different. The P160 one has a lithium-ion battery, and the P200 one is a lithium polymer battery. Looks and built quality of these two power banks are totally different. So, you can choose anyone from different models, designs, and capacity according to your need from Rapoo.

Although Rapoo is a Chinese company, in the Bangladeshi market there are almost six models available of Rapoo power banks. From price range 800 taka to 3000 taka, you have many models to choose from according to your needs. For example, Rapoo P20 power bank is a 5000 mAh power bank which will cost you around 800 taka. If you are on a very tight budget, you can buy this model. But if your budgets are pretty high and you are looking for a power bank, then you can try the Rapoo P370 model. This is also available in the Bangladeshi market, and it will cost you around d 3000 taka. So don’t we confused, we have a vast amount of options for you. Just compare from lots of options and buy your desired power bank.



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