Razer Earphone Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a good quality headphone and you have a reasonable budget, then you can check out the brand Razer. Razer is a brand which is famous for its performance and outlook. This brand has many headphones available in our country in the various price range. This brand is very special for gamers.


Razer Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

 Latest Razer Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Razer Hammerhead Pro V2  5,700 Taka
Razer Hammerhead BT 7,400 Taka


Razer D.Va MEKA Analog Gaming Headset is headphone, which costs about 6500 BDT. This headphone has a very different outlook as it has wings like Aeroplan in the sides. Sound quality and durability of this headphone are very good. Almost in the same price range, for spending 6600 BDT, you can buy Razer Electra V2 which is also a gaming headphone. It has a USB connector in it to connect with computers.

Razer Kraken V2 Green Edition is another one which looks a bit different. But this one is the same in performance, and it has a USB connector also. This headphone from Razer costs 6700 BDT. If you want to buy something from the Kraken series, then you can go for Razer Kraken Pro V2 which costs 6800 BDT. This black gaming headphone has 3.5mm jack to connect with devices. In the Kraken series, another great one from this brand is Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury Edition. This headphone has a nice premium outlook, and it costs about 7700 BDT. You can buy the Gunmetal Edition color edition of this headphone in 7900 BDT.

For PewDiePie fans this brand has launched a headphone. Model of the headphone is Razer PewDiePie Kraken Pro V2 which costs 8000 BDT approximately. Another one from the Kraken series is RAZER Kraken Tournament Edition which costs about 9000 BDT. for play station four this brand has Razer Thresher 7.1 which costs about 12300 BDT. This one is a wireless Bluetooth headphone. To use in computer and other devices, this brand has Razer Nari Ultimate, which is also a wireless headphone and it costs about 17700 BDT.

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