Razer Fitness Tracker & Band Price in Bangladesh

Razer Inc. is a publicly held Singaporean gaming hardware producing company. The company was founded in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. The company has dual headquarters, one in Singapore and one in San Francisco. 

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Razer Fitness Tracker & Band Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Razer Fitness Trackers & Bands Price in Bangladesh


Razer is a brand that is focused and built around gaming, and it is also considered one of the biggest brands when it comes to eSports. Razer has a huge lineup of products that are meant for gaming. 

They mostly make peripherals which are meant to aid in playing competitive games, but they also manufacture gaming laptops nowadays.

Along with all the gaming gears, Razer also made a few fitness trackers. The fitness tracker lineup that Razer has is their Nabu series. The Nabu series has three products which are the Razer Nabu, Nabu X, and Nabu Watch.

The Razer Nabu band has a screen which can display notifications and messages. It tracks daily activities such as steps walked, hours slept, and other activities. It is also splash-proof. Razer Nabu can exchange social media information with other people wearing a Nabu with just a handshake. The Razer Nabu also has a companion app for a comprehensive and seamless experience.

The Nabu X is a more toned-down version of the Nabu. It doesn’t have a display, but rather it has three LEDs that work as notification LEDs. The Nabu X tracks the activities of its user and numbers show up in the companion app. The Nabu X also has the handshake to exchange info feature like its older brother the Razer Nabu.

The Nabu watch is just like a regular watch. The Nabu watch’s primary display shows the time, and it also has a secondary ambient display which shows the result of the activities that it’s been tracking.

Razer has a few reliable offerings of fitness trackers, but they are quite expensive.

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