Remax Earphone Price in Bangladesh

REMAX is a very popular brand which has many mobile phone accessories available in the market. This brand has many earphones also in the various price range. If you want to buy a good quality earphone or headphone, then you can check this brand out.

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REMAX Earphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest REMAX Earphones  Price in Bangladesh
REMAX RM-610D 495 Taka
REMAX RM-590  1,800 Taka
REMAX RM-900F 1,500 Taka
REMAX RB S7 1,900 Taka
REMAX RB T15 1,100 Taka


If you want an earphone with wire, then you can go for REMAX RM-301, REMAX RM-501, RM- 510, RM- 512, RM- 515, RM-502, or RM-525. All of them costs 400 BDT each. These earphones are very good in quality and outlook. This brand is providing you various colors and outlooks in the same price range. Some of them are with round earbuds, and some are with silicon or rubber ear tips. You can choose the one with which you feel comfortable.

Besides these if you want something in high price then you can go for RM-610D, RM-585, RM- 575, RM- 530, RM 305. The price range varies for these earphones from 600-750 BDT approximately. In this price range RM- S1 Pro comes with a very stylish ear hook. And if you have a higher budget, then you can go for RM-590 which costs about 1800 BDT. RM-900F is a great one for gaming, which costs 1500 BDT. Some Bluetooth earphones from this brand are REMAX RB S7 sports and RB T15. They cost 1900 and 1100 BDT respectively. REMAX RM-800MD is a hybrid earphone which costs 3500 BDT.

This brand has some excellent headphones also. REMAX RM-805 and RM-100H are wired headphones, and price range varies from 1100-1300 BDT. in Bluetooth segment, REMAX RB-195HB, RB-200HB, RB-300HB, RB-500HB, RB-520HB are available models. The price range varies from 2400 BDT to 4500 BDT for these wireless Bluetooth headphones. All of them are awesome in performance. Amongst them, RB-300HB has touch control, which is a cool feature. If you want fully wireless earbuds, then you can go for REMAX RB-T10. It provides 5-hour talk time, and it costs 950 BDT.

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