Remax Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Youngbloods are called the trendsetters. The Millenials is considered as the most advanced generation not only for the way they have grown up but also for their distinctive choices. These choices are mostly driven or get upgraded because of the technological proceedings, and it has let the companies make the products according to the way the young rushers can get their desired items.


Remax Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Remax Latest Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Remax RB-200HB 2,049 Taka
Remax RB-195HB 2,049 Taka
Remax RB-300HB 3,150 Taka


Remax, established in 2008, has been following the process since they have started. This has enabled them to build the most advanced headsets. With modern fashion and design, they have engaged the users by strong bondage, and their dedication for it is really creditworthy. As they always to aim to shape the most effective product for the customers, they seek to be more innovative as their differentiating tactics.         

The price level of Remax headphones varies due to the features included in it. But based on the responses collected from the users, there are some specific headsets which have got incredible reviews. Among them “Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone RB-195HB” is one. Wireless collection of Remax and easily connectable with any devices. Multicolor and high-quality polymer battery system ensures the maximum battery life. Removing the discomfort of hearing, with its cozy foam cup facilitates the rhythm to the ear. It is priced 5,000 BDT nearly. There are some other names come in front like, “Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone RB-500HB”, a simple model and enriched a high quality required. They have very attractive in shape. “Remax - RB-S6 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Neckband Headphones”, which completely different and can be used as both headset and earphone at the same time. Priced quite cheap within 3,000 BDT. Headsets of Remax generally available between 3,000 to 10,000 BDT. Noted that, it can be shaken for not having authorized price for reselling by Remax.


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