REMAX Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Remax is a world-famous brand that provides us one of the best quality mobile accessories. Most of them are available in the Bangladeshi market. Here, we will talk about Remax power banks.

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REMAX Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest REMAX Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Remax Rpp-35 1200 Taka
Remax F28 840 Taka
Remax Rpp-59 2100 Taka
Remax v10 1500 Taka
Remax Proda 900 Taka


From a very low budget to a top budget, Remax provides lots of different category power banks. You can buy a power bank from Remax at 350 taka which is a 2600 mAh power bank if you are really in a very tight budget. You can also get a Remax power bank at 3500 taka which is a 20000 mAh power bank. So if budget is an issue for you and you are looking for the best power bank for you, then you can use our pricing filter to get the best product for you. You can get a Remax power bank from 350 taka to 3500 taka according to your need from Remax. For example, you can get Remax 2600mAh power bank at only 350 taka, a Proda series 5000 mAh power bank at 990 taka, a dual USB 10000mAh power bank at 2000 taka and even a Proda series dual USB power bank which is a 30000 mAh power bank and it will cost you around 3500 taka.

Apart from the price range, you can also choose a power bank according to its battery capacity. You must get the best power bank for your device. For that, you can choose from many of Remax power banks in Bangladesh from our website through the capacity filter. Just select your required capacity and choose the best power bank for you. If you have two or more device and you need to charge them at a time, then you have to choose a power bank which has two or more USB ports. You can also find this filter on our website. Just select your required port number and find your power bank.

So if you want the best power bank for you from Remax at your price point then go, check, compare, and buy.


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