Rock Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

If anyone asks about the best power bank in budget then, we think the Rock power banks are going to win the conversation. Rock produces power banks according to people’s thoughts. Like if your budgets are slightly tight and you need a reliable power bank, then you can buy a rock power bank at a very reasonable price. Similarly, if you need a very good quality power bank and budget is not an issue for you, then you can buy a Rock power bank.

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Rock Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rock Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Rock p38 1500 Taka
Rock pd  1500 Taka
Rock p65 1500 Taka
Rock p40 1900 Taka
Rock p63 1200 Taka


There are a lot of models of Rock power banks available in Bangladesh market. In the 2000 taka budget range, you will find Odin 10000mAh Power Bank, P38 10000mAh Power Bank with Digital Display, ROCK Mini 10000mAh Power Bank External Battery Charger,  Rock 10000mAh Power Bank with Digital Display and so on. These power banks are two-port power banks, and build quality is pretty solid.

But if your budget is pretty high and willing to buy the best power bank, then you can choose from Remax Odin 20000mAh Power Bank, 20000 mAh Universal Portable Power Bank with a rose gold color variant, Rock P38  10000mAh Power Bank with Digital Display, Rock Type C Power Bank and so on. These power banks are quick to charge 3.0 enabled and have multiple USB ports. As a result, you charge 2 or 3 of your devices at a time.

You can also have some high-quality PowerShell at the price range of 1500 taka to 3000 taka. But this PowerShell is only for iPhone users.

Alongside with these power banks and PowerShell Rock has a different type of power bank which is called wall charger power bank. Basically, these are special kinds of power banks which look like normal wall charger, but these are actually power bank + wall charger. You can charge these power banks through the normal system. These wall charger power banks will cost you around 2200 taka to 4000 taka according to battery capacity.

We have a huge collection of suggestions for you from Rock. Have a look, do compare and buy the best power bank for you.


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