Rode Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Rode is an audio company which is originated from Australia but popular all across the world. Rode is the microphone brand of the famous company Freedman Electronics. Henry and Astrid Freedman started Freedman Electronics back in 1967, and with their sheer determination, they became a leader in the Australian audio industry. Over time, the company started to diversify its product line, and at the same time, they have also launched many new brands for their new product lines. Rode is the microphone brand of this company, and they started Rode in 1990. They had started the company for the home recording enthusiasts who want technologically advanced and low-cost microphones.

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Rode Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rode Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Rode Videomicro 6,690 Taka
Rode VideoMic Pro 19,390 Taka
Rode VideoMic GO 9,695 Taka
Rode NTG2 18,500 Taka
Rode Reporter Omnidirectional Interview Microphone 11,990 Taka


Initially, they had started the brand by outsourcing from China and tested them in the market. When they saw that there is high market demand, then they started to produce by themselves and served the Australian market. This brand is working hard to revolutionize every day's audio experience. 

Rode is a microphone brand of Freedman Electronics, and from this brand, you can get various kinds of a microphone with unique and innovative features. They manufacture a high-quality microphone. The names of some of the top-rated microphones of Rode are Rode video micro microphone, video mix Pro, video mix Go lightweight on-camera microphone, Rode NTG2 condenser shotgun microphone and Reporter interview microphone.

Rode NTG2 condenser shotgun microphone is of the metal construction with a high broadcast sound quality. On the other hand, Rode videomicro microphone has got a compact size, and it is very lightweight. This microphone is of all-metal body, and you won't need any battery. Rode reporter interview microphone is the one which is best for taking interviews and recording presentation. This microphone has got the ergonomic die-cast body and multi-layer mesh basket to protect the microphone from wind. 

The pricing Rode set for the fees they are charging for their products are quite higher than the other competing brands. Rode worth it because they are the one who provides more top-quality microphones with all new and unique features. The price of the microphone of Rode starts from BDT 5000, and it has got microphones which prices are more than BDT 20,000. The price of videomicro microphone is around BDT 7000 whereas the rate of NTG2 condenser shotgun microphone is around 19000. The price of the reporter interview microphone is around BDT 13000. Though the prices are little high, still Rode's popularity didn't decrease, and it's all because of the uniqueness and determination.

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