Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

Runner is a brand from Bangladesh. This brand started its journey in 2000. After growing gradually, this brand has captured the market very well. For producing bikes, this brand is popular. Recently in all segment, this brand has its bike. For its greater service, the brand is capturing the attention of people.

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Runner Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Runner Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Runner Knight Rider
1,45,000 Taka
Runner Turbo 125
1,30,000 Taka
Runner Bullet
1,06,000 Taka
Runner Kite+
99,000 Taka
UM Runner Xtreet R 150
1,60,000 Taka


As the bikers demand are growing day by day, this brand is also keeping the motion as the demand. In bike market of Bangladesh, there are many models from Runner. In the 150cc segment, Runner has UM Runner Xtreet R 150. This one is awesome looking bike from this brand with 150cc engine. The engine is air-cooled. It can produce 11 Bhp power @ 7500rpm and 10Nm torque @ 5500rpm. The bike has five gears, and it is a chain driver bike. Both in front and rear, it has disc brakes. It has tubeless tires. The bike has a muscular body with a nice color combination. Price of this bike is 1,60,000 BDT approximately. Another 150cc bike from this brand is Runner Knight Rider. This is also a naked sportbike like Xtreet R 150. But the price is less than that. It costs 1,44,000 BDT. The engine of the bike can produce 8.9 Kw power @ 7500 rpm and 12.2 Nm torque @ 5500 rpm. Claimed top speed of the bike is 120 km per hour and mileage of the bike is about 50 km per liter. The bike has disc brake only in the front. The rear one is drum brake. Both Knight Rider and Xtreet R have tubeless tires.

UM Runner Renegade Sport is cruiser bike from this brand. It has a liquid-cooled 150cc engine. The engine of this bike can generate 14.5 Bhp power @ 9500rpm and 12Nm torque @ 8000rpm. Both electric starting system and a kick-starting system is available in the bike. In front, it has a disc brake only. Price of this one is 2,50,000 BDT. 

Another cruiser from this brand is UM Runner Renegade Commando is at 2,40,000 BDT. The engine has the same displacement and same power as Renegade Sport. The engine of this bike is also liquid-cooled. Both the cruisers from this brand are so attractive in look. It can take the attention of cruiser lovers at first sight. Both the bike has a heavy look, but they are different from each other in look.

In the 125cc segment, Runner has only one bike. Name of the bike is Runner Turbo 125. It has four strokes, air-cooled engine which can generate 8.4Kw power @ 8500 rpm and 11.0 Nm torque @ 7000 rpm. Top speed of the bike is about 110 km per hour. Mileage of the bike is 50 km per liter approximately which is pretty cool. This bike has five gears in it. In front, it has disc brake, and in the rear it has drum brake. The price of this bike is 1,30,000 BDT. 

Another variant of this bike is Runner Turbo 125 Matte. It has a difference only in color. For the color, you have to pay more 2,000 BDT. Runner Royal+ is a smart-looking 110cc bike from this brand. It has a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. Top speed of the bike is about 85 km per hour. Mileage of the bike is great. It runs about 60 km for one-liter fuel. It has four gears, and it has disc brake only in the front. Price of this bike is 91,000 BDT. With 100cc engine, Runner Bullet is a trendy bike in Bangladesh. This bike is so stylish. In performance, it has a great response. Price of this one is a little bit higher, and the bike costs 95,000 BDT.

In the 100cc segment, this brand has more bikes. Runner Cheeta, Runner F100-6A both are in this segment. Prices are almost the same. Runner Cheeta costs 79,000 BDT and  Runner F100-6A costs 80,000 BDT. Both bikes have the same engine, but they are different in look. It is the buyers’ choice to choose a suitable one for him.

Runner has scooter also. This brand is providing all kind of bikes. So, the scooter is must be category as it has great demand. Runner Kite is a stylish scooter from this brand. It has a 98.16cc engine which can produce 4.8 kw power @ 7500 rpm and 7 Nm torque @ 5500 rpm. Top speed of the bike is 80 km per hour. The scooter doesn’t have automatic gear, but it doesn’t have any clutch also. It has a drum brake. Price of this scooter is 80,000 BDT. This scooter has an updated version also. Runner Kite+ which have the same engine but it comes with a different look. It has disc brake in the front. It costs 83,000 BDT.

In low price range Runner has more bikes. They are Dayang Runner DY50, Dayang Runner AD80S, Runner Bike RT, Runner AD80S Alloy, Runner AD 80S Deluxe. The price range varies from 60,000-82,000 BDT approximately. People with low budget can get one from these models. All of them are good in performance. For light use, these bikes are enough.

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