Samson Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Samson Technologies is a company which is based in the USA but famous all around the world. They have a good name and fame both in consumer and professional audio industry. Samson started their production back in 1980, and they had started by designing and developing wireless microphone systems. With the flow of time, they became expert in making wireless microphone and became the market leader as well. After that, it didn't stop; instead, it speeded up and expanded their business. They started to manufacture power amplifier, mixers, wired microphones, and many other devices. Samson has also focused on the needs of musician, broadcasters and podcast enthusiasts and introduced USB microphone for them.

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Samson Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Samson Microphones

Price in Bangladesh
Samson G-Track 15000 Taka
Samson MRT101A 11500 Taka
SamsonC03U 12000 Taka
SamsonCM15P 11000 Taka
SamsonSAUB1 7500 Taka


Samson has got plenty of products now, and distribute and sold these in over 140 countries in the world. It has been over three decades, and within this short time, Samson has launched three notable brands and has grown from a small business to a worldwide enterprise. 

Samson has a wide range of products in its product line, and they have divided their products into many categories. They have studio monitors, power amplifiers, processors, headphones, Bluetooth accessories, cables and many more. Samson has also kept a different series of products for each of their product line and enriched themselves. The microphone is one of their most popular products, and they have different series and models of the microphone.

Samson has kept nine types of microphones in their microphone category, which includes USB microphone, dynamic microphone, condenser microphone, headworn microphone, etc. There are many models of USB microphone, and some of the popular ones are C01U Pro, G-Track, G-Track Pro, UB1, etc. In the category of dynamic microphones, there are two series of microphone which is named as Q and R series. Some of the notable and top-rated products of Samson are C02, VR88, DK705, CM12C, LM7X and many more. 

Pricing is an essential factor for both the buyer and seller and Samson understand it very well. As they are well-known about the facts, so they have set their prices accordingly. The price they are asking for the microphone is very reasonable, and anyone can afford it. Most of their microphone is priced between BDT 1000- BDT 3000. Samson provides quality products to the customers that too at a reasonable price, and this is why everyone admires them.

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