Samsung AC Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is a South Korean electronics brand that has a massive portfolio, including world-class air Conditioners. The company has a long history of producing high-quality ACs for commercial and personal use. Samsung serves a diverse range of customers and has one of the selections of Air Conditioners. The brand’s products are characterized by their strong build, reliability, and affordability. Samsung is one of the brands that lead the industry in product innovation. Over the years it has introduced groundbreaking technologies in its products. The company has advanced R&D that constantly pumps new designs. Through diligently serving their customers, Samsung has become one of the top brands in the AC industry.

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Samsung AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Samsung Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Samsung AR12MVFHGWKZ 65,000 Taka
Samsung AR18MVFHGWKZ 94,000 Taka
Samsung AR24MVFHGWKZ 100,000 Taka
Samsung AR18MCFHDWKZ 73,000 Taka
Samsung AR12MCFHDWKZ 55,000 Taka


Samsung was established in the year 1969 as a home electronics brand. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, the company rose to global prominence during the 2000s. Currently, Samsung has business operations in over 100 countries across the planet. The brand maintains a long list of products spanning many AC categories. This catalog covers a diverse range of price. Generally speaking, a Samsung AC in the market can go for anywhere between BDT 55000 to BDT 110000 depending on the unit capacity. In case of 1.0 Ton ACs the price tag hovers around BDT 60000 and are generally suited for use in 120-150 sq ft rooms. Whereas, models with 1.5 Ton or higher capacity can go from BDT 65000 to BDT 100000. Samsung’s specialty is in its extensive Split AC lineup comprising of models with 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2.0 Ton capacity.

The BTU of these units generally ranges from 14000 to 24000 (depending on the unit capacity). Samsung ACs have a cooling range from 170 to 300, making them ideal for year-round use. Samsung leads the market in energy-efficient inverter technology. Most of their AC models are energy efficient & eco-friendly that saves up to 68% in electricity consumption. The models make use of digital inverter compressors that are capable of functioning for years without issues. Samsung ACs employ 2 step cooling system for the mode of efficient temperature control. The ACs also have low voltage start-up functions and can handle unstable currents.

Most of the brand’s premium products also come with fast cooling, auto cleaning, and diagnosis features. The brand also markets smart ACs that come with functions like user tracking, smart controls, anti-corrosion durafins, and energy consumption display. These models provide some of the best customizable cooling control in the market that can cater to any customer’s needs. Models also come with air filters to ensure clean and dust-free airflow at your homes.

Besides the top-notch engineering and features, Samsung ACs also boasts a variety of inspiring stylish and elegant designs that can light up the customers’ homes. The brand also distinguishes itself with its service and warranty policies. The warranty period for its ACs can range from a modest 2 years to a whopping 10 years.

Some popular models from the brand, including the Samsung 1.5 Tons AS18UUQN Split AC, the Samsung AR18MVFHGWKYFE 1.5 Tons Split AC and the Samsung AR24MVFHGWKYFE 2.0 Tons Split AC at BDT 60000, BDT 80000 and BDT 105000 respectively.

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