Samsung Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is a multinational company based in South Korea. Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul. Samsung operates in many industries, and electronics is one of the leading sectors of it. Samsung makes computer hardware and also smartphone technologies. Samsung is also widely known for their display technologies. They make amazing TVs and also great monitors.

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Samsung Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Samsung Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Samsung C24R 24" 25000 Taka
Samsung C27R 27" 43000 Taka
Samsung S19F 18.5" 6200 Taka
Samsung S24F 24" 15000 Taka
Samsung C24F 24" 15000 Taka


Samsung has a different lineup of monitors made for different use cases. They have monitors designed for content consumption, professional work, office work, and even gaming.

In their flat monitor lineup, they feature slim and stylish monitors with some of them featuring quantum dot display technology. The sizes of these monitors range from 24 inches to 32 inches, and most of them either feature FHD or QHD displays.

They have the UHD and WQHD lineup that is meant for professional work such as photo or video editing and graphics design. These monitors feature good color accuracy along with high resolution. The monitor in this lineup has QHD resolution or UHD resolution and also a few curved monitors feature in this lineup. The CF791 is a widescreen curved monitor that features WQHD resolution with quantum dot technology and comes in at about BDT 64000.

Their curved line of monitors features ultra-wide monitors with a curved display for better immersion and screen real estate for productivity. The CJ791 is a 34-inch ultra-wide curved display that features WQHD resolution and thunderbolt 3. It comes in about BDT 72000.

For gamers, Samsung also has a wide selection of monitors that feature a high refresh rate and either support Freesync or G-sync for a smoother gaming experience. The CHG90 is their flagship gaming monitor, which features quantum dot technology with a 49-inch display with FHD++ resolution. It features HDR and a high refresh rate and costs BDT 88000.
Samsung has many great monitors, but their prices are quite high for the features they have.

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