Samsung Tab Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is the first name that comes to our mind whenever we want to buy or talk about smartphones and electronic appliances. It is one of the most popular electronics companies in the world, and most of the people want to have their products. The vision of this great company is to create a better and prosperous future for them.

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Samsung Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Samsung Tabs Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 20,990 Taka
Samsung Galaxy J Max 16,990 Taka
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V 12,490 Taka
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 14,900 Taka
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 16,500 Taka


This future-building company started their journey back in 1969. At that time, the name of the company was “Samsung Electronics Industry Co Ltd.” First, they started their production with Black and White TV in 1970. When they became the leader in making TV they started to diversify. They begin to produce different types of electronics with unique and creative features. From the year 1980-89, they made a great journey. That time they entered into the global marketplace and made a good position.

After that, Samsung needn’t look back. They were growing and rising at super speed. They fought with every challenge faced in this journey courageously and won the battles. And because of their effort, Samsung is now one of the fortunes global top companies.

Samsung has a wide range of products, and they have a good number of tablets in their market offerings. Most of the tabs are unique and different from one another. Samsung has more than forty unique tabs in their product line, which are divided into many flagship series. The three most popular and top sold flagship series are Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Book, and Galaxy Tab A. 

Samsung has different sizes and features of tablets. They have tabs starting from less than 9-inch display to 9-11 inch and 12-15 inch display. You can get tabs whose storage size are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. So they have many options for you, and you have the opportunity to select according to your needs. The durability and performance that Samsung tabs give are commendable.

 Among all the tabs, the highest rated ones are Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab E, Galaxy Tab S2, etc. The newest model of tabs are Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Book 2, and Galaxy Tab S4, etc. The best thing about Samsung is that it has recently launched tablets, especially for kids.

If we consider the prices of the tablets of Samsung, then we can easily understand why it has gained such a strong position in the global market. The prices that they set are very competitive and easy for anyone to buy. They have products of different ranges so that everyone can have their product. The prices of the tablets of Samsung start from BDT 16,000, and they have tablets up to 50,000 and more.

They have made six price ranges of tablets, which include less than BDT 15000, BDT 15000-25000, BDT 25000-35000, BDT 35000-45000, BDT 45000-50,000, and more than BDT 50,000. So, the pricing strategy they set is to enable all customers to buy their products. That is the reason behind their strong position in the global market. 

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