Sanford AC Price in Bangladesh

Sanford is a consumer electronics manufacturer that also markets HVAC products. The brand has been marketing high-quality air conditioners for many years. Sanford maintains a tight quality control that ensures all its ACs are up to the consumer’s standards. The ACs are all very sturdy and reliable. In addition, the ACs also have attractive designs and modern looks. Sanford uses the latest in Air Conditioning technology to provide the best cooling for its customers. Currently, Sanford has become one of the major brands in the AC industry.

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Sanford AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sanford Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh

Sanford has extensive choices in almost all major AC categories. The brand has especially good products in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Tons, and 2.0 Tons category. The ACs in this category come with BTU ranging from 12000 to 24000, making them suitable for both personal and commercial use. The ACs have an average cooling range from 190 to 280 and can provide indoor whether control all year round.

Most of the brand’s products can come between BDT 40000 and BDT 90000, making them accessible to the general masses. The ACs use some of the best compressors in the market that makes them extremely reliable. The ACs are known to function for years with almost no issues whatsoever. The multi-directional airflow system helps cool down the room efficiently and quickly. A number of different cooling modes gives an unprecedented level of control to the user. Many models have filters that provide clean air to the room constantly.

The ACs operate with very little noise that increases the user’s comfort level. The ACs are capable of functioning in almost any weather condition. Additional functions such as sleep mode, turbo function, timer, and wireless remote make the ACs even more appealing. The ACs are also easy to clean and maintain. Sanford also maintains great customer service policies that further complement their products.


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