Sebec Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Sebec is a known company for manufacturing home and electronic appliances on an international basis. Sebec puts an effort to bring solutions at multiple levels for home convenience. Its basic principle is to bring rich lifestyle to its customers. Sebec divides its products into three categories. These are food preparation for non-electric food making, electric food appliances, and homecare products for household work. All of these appliance types have a great number of products like ovens, mixers, blinders, juicers, choppers, LED tv, freezers, and more. Under homecare items, there is also a Sebec room fan heater. The fan heater blends Sebec’s brand of technical mastery along with the market knowledge to make a great product. 

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Sebec Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sebec Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
 Sebec SFH-4B 1,440 Taka


Room heaters are quite essential parts of our home appliance arsenal. It might not be needed all throughout the year, but it is essential for winter days. In winter, it is tough for us to get the appropriate level of heat, so we need some other source of heat. Room heaters provide that extra heat that we need. Sebec brings its fan heater to give the optimum heat to its customers and is designed to ensure proper heat. It is designed to provide two types of heat: CoolWarm and hot wind. There is also 1000/2000 volt capacity. There is a handle for ease of carrying and use.

Sebec room heaters provide the best amount of heat for the whole family. Its wind controls are very precise to ensure heat in cold temperature. It never makes life unbearable with heat but provides enough to be comfortable. Sebec fan room heater brings many things in a small package. It is also very price sensitive and has a convenient price tag for budget shoppers. So there is ease of use, good performance, and reasonable price rolled up into one package.

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