Sharp AC Price in Bangladesh

Sharp is a popular home electronics brand based out of Japan. The brand deals in a number of high-end consumer electronics including Air Conditioners. Sharp is known for its top of the line ACs that it markets across the globe. Including the excellence in quality, Sharp ACs also have modern and stylish looks with the appeal of the time tested Japanese engineering. Over the years Sharp has marketed some of the best commercial ACs to the public at reasonable prices. The brand also sticks to a tight code of consumer service and conformity. Currently, Sharp is counted among the world’s top AC brands.


Sharp AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Sharp Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Sharp 1.0 Ton AH-A12PEV 45,000 Taka
Sharp 1.5 Ton AH-A18SEV 60,000 Taka
Sharp 1.0 Ton AH-XP13SHVE 59,000 Taka
Sharp 2.0 Ton AH-A24SEV 70,000 Taka
Sharp 2.0 Ton AH-XP24SHVE 98,000 Taka


Sharp was established in the year 1912 and has operated globally for over 50 years. It maintains one of the largest collection of Air Conditioners, listed under a single brand in the market. They are offering an unmatched variety of products, which can satisfy almost every conceivable needs of the consumer. The brand specializes in indoor Split ACs with extensive collections in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton categories. The company also covers a wide price range. Depending on the capacity of the model, a Sharp AC in the market can cost anywhere from BDT 50000 to BDT 110000. Sharp uses J-Tech inverter technology that highly energy efficient and consumes up to 60% less electricity than contemporary models.

The ACs have low voltage compatibility to insure smooth function even during voltage fluctuations. The units (depending on capacity) have BTU ranging from 12000 to 24000. An average Sharp AC has a cooling range of 180 to 300 making them ideal for dealing with those hot summer days. Sharp ACs also have a powerful jet stream that enables the units to cool down the room rapidly. Higher-end models have tracking technology paired with the cooling jet to provide maximum comfort to the user. Units also come with detachable and washable filters for hassle-free cleaning. Most 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton model from the brand incorporate Plasmacluster Ionizer (PCI) that insures clean and germ-free air inside your home. Premium models also incorporate a Coanda airflow system for efficient and even room cooling.

Some other common functions present in Sharp Air Conditioners are auto-restart function, Dry mode, Turbo mode, Long airflow, and Superjet mode. All of these features are backed up by Sharp’s record of excellent customer service and warranty policies.

Some exceptional models from the brand include the Sharp 1.0 Ton AH-A18SEV split AC at BDT 69000, and the Sharp 1.0 Ton AH-A12PEV Split AC at BDT 52000.


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