Sharp Iron Price in Bangladesh

Sharp is a well-renowned brand of electronics products, which concentrates heavily on consumer electronics and home appliances. Sharp Electronics has been around for a long while and operate in appliance markets all over the globe. In Bangladesh, Sharp Electronics products are marketed and distributed by esquire electronics limited. Sharp Electronics was established in 1912 in Japan and now operates under Japanese and Taiwanese ownership and has operations all over the globe. Sharp was established as a mechanics-based firm in its earlier years but progressed into consumer electronics in its subsequent years. They moved to consumer electronics with their first-ever portable TV innovation. Since then Sharp has been known for their refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, cleaning, and home care products. Their homecare products have found exceptional success in multiple markets. Their Iron range of products is a testament to that.

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Sharp Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sharp Irons Price in Bangladesh
Sharp EI-N04 1300 Taka
Sharp AM P465 2300 Taka
Sharp EI-S100 1700 Taka
Sharp AM 475 2700 Taka 
Sharp AM P455 2200 Taka


Sharp started off as a precision-based appliance manufacturer. They put accurate hardware to provide precise performance. They also carry the same basics forward into their iron range of products. Their irons provide the best hardware needed for the smoothest pressing experience. Their irons are mostly steam irons for heavy-duty use and hard to flatten creases. The steam functions are properly given to make sure pressing for various fabric categories. The coating is nonstick for the smoothness of ironing, and the tanks are well capacious. There are steam shot functions for good performance. There are varied heating options to ensure great ironing for various types of fabrics. The cords and handle grips are designed well for easy movement and handling.

Sharp have retained their best use of technology in their ironing range, and thus they provide heavy-duty service with durability. Sharp has put all the necessary features and hardware to ensure proper ironing. Sharp has more appliances lined up to fulfill consumer needs.

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