Sharp Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Sharp is one of the top Japanese electronics and home appliances brands. The brand maintains a massive global catalog of products that also includes a line of top quality electric ovens and some of the best available technology in its oven manufacturing. All the products from the brand come with very practical design features and attractive exteriors. Additionally, customers also enjoy the time tested and globally trusted Japanese engineering and quality standards. Sharp also maintains a very popular set of customer service policies that complement their excellent product lines.

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Sharp Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sharp Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Sharp R84A 15900 Taka
Sharp 92A 19900 Taka
Sharp 94a 23900 Taka
Sharp 32A 11900 Taka
Sharp R-72 13000 Taka


Sharp has been operating since 1912, with the age of its international business exceeding 50 years. Currently, customers can choose from over 40 different models of the oven that the brand markets under its name. These models generally have a capacity between 20 liters and 45 liters. The products are surprisingly affordable, with prices beginning at around BDT 8000 and topping off at around BDT 35000. The ovens come with some of the best hardware in the market. The optimum operating energy consumption is around 230V/50Hz. The general power output of the ovens is around 1000 watts that ensure good heating. All the ovens from the brand come with separate convection and grill functions. The models are also equipped with easy to use doors as well as LED displays for more user convenience. Extra functions such as a clock and kitchen timer are also available. Many of the models come with rotating glass trays as well as 10 auto menu. Some of the models come with additional features such as child locks, pre-set defrost buttons, instant action cooking menu, and direct start key. The oven exteriors are elegantly designed with attractive features that would suit the taste of any and all customers. Some popular models from the brand are the Sharp R-25C1-S Microwave Oven at around BDT 9000 and the Sharp R-92A0(ST)V - Microwave Oven at around BDT 20000.

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