Shimizu Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Shimizu is a major consumer electronics and home appliance brand that has been active in the country for many years. The brand has an extensive range of products, including high-quality ovens. The ovens are known to be reliable and very attractively designed. The products come with some very practical and modern functions. Some of the best hardware are uses in the production of these ovens. The ovens are also made to be very affordable and deliver a lot of value to the customers. The brand's customer-friendly post-sale services complement all of these factors. Currently, Shimizu is one of the most trusted and popular brands in the country when it comes to ovens.

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Shimizu Oven Price List in Bangladesh

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Shimizu offers come great ovens in the 25 and 30-liter categories. The ovens are all priced very reasonably that begin at around BDT 10000 and generally move up to BDT 15000. The ovens run at the optimum voltage of 230V~50Hz with a substantial power output of around 900 watts for the best heating effects, and the input ranges from 1100 watts to 1400 watts in most models. All the models come with separate microwave and grill functions that consume different levels of power. The ovens come with a 4 digit display as well as a fully functional key control pad. Many of the ovens come with Jet defrost, and weight-defrost functions. The models also incorporate general functions such as the clock, timer, and preset cooking functions. Some of the ovens come with up to 5 separate cooking, auto cooking, auto-off, cancel and reheat functions. The doors are equipped with easy to use handles as well as child lock for safety. The exteriors of the ovens are designed to look slick and can suit any interior. Some popular models from the brand are the Shimizu SM90D25AP-M4 at around BDT 11000 and the Shimizu SM90D30AP-N9 at around BDT 13000.

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