Shining AC Price in Bangladesh

Shining is a great brand when it comes to top-notch Air Conditioners. For years the brand has been marketing its extensive collection of great ACs to its consumer base. The ACs are known for their great build quality and aesthetic designs. Shining ACs utilize the latest in cooling technology and engineering to give its users the best cooling experience.

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Shining AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Shining Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Shining 24000BTU 70,000 Taka
Shining 18000BTU 55,000 Taka
Shining 12000BTU 45,000 Taka


The brand owns a big collection of products that is sure to meet anyone’s demands. The ACs are also very affordable compared to other contemporary models and deliver a great deal of value to the customers.

Shining mainly specializes in Split type ACs, and the brand extensively markets 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2.0 Ton capacity ACs in this category. The ACs also come at reasonable prices.

Most Shining ACs in the market cost Between BDT 45000 to BDT 70000. The ACs have some great features that make them even more appealing to the customers. Depending on the unit capacity, the BTU of the ACs lies within a range of 12000 and 24000.

The models are all energy-efficient and consume a lot less electricity. The ACs ensure fast, efficient, and effective cooling throughout the room. The units are equipped with an ionizer and electrostatic filter. This combination ensures a constant flow of clean, germ-free and hygienic air inside the room. The ACs operate very quietly, which is ideal for both home and office settings. A myriad of other features such as a timer, auto restart, sleep mode, multi-directional airflow, and LED display are also available in the ACs. The models are all very easy and convenient to maintain. Shining ACs also have stunning designs that are sure to complement any interior decor.

On top of all this, the brand also maintains great service and warranty policy. A great model from the brand is the Shining 12000BTU 1 Ton – Split Air Conditioner that costs around BDT 45000.

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