Shure Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Many brands are selling earphones and headphones in our country. Amongst them, a very popular and exclusive brand is Shure. To some people music a thing that they can feel. To enjoy the music properly, you will need a good earphone. This brand can satisfy you with its performance. If you want to buy an earphone and you have a good budget, then you can check this brand out.

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Shure Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Shure Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Shure SE215 5,900 Taka
Shure SE315-K 8,000 Taka
Shure SE315 12,000 Taka
Shure SE535 LTD 10,000 Taka


From this brand, Shure SE215 is available in 5900 BDT approximately. This a very good earphone with an awesome outlook. It has 3.5mm jack and 1.25meter cable. This earphone provides the same performance in all volume. Another great model of earphone from this brand is SE315-K. This earphone has optimized and isolated sound. You can fully ignore the outside noise while using it. This earphone is very lightweight, and a great feature of this earphone is you can detach the cable. Though the cable is long-lasting if accidentally it doesn’t work anymore, then you can change it. Price of this earphone from Shure is 8000 BDT approximately.

Almost in same look and performance, there is another earphone, and that is SE315 which costs 12000 BDT. A limited-edition earphone from Shure is SE535LTD RED. This earphone has a stylish outlook with a red cable. In performance, it is fantastic, like other earphones. To buy this one you have to spend 10000 BDT approximately.

There are many excellent headphones from this brand also. Some models are SRH440, SRH 1540, SRH750 DJ, and many more. But unfortunately, they are not currently available in our country. Hopefully, very soon, you will find them in the market of Bangladesh.

But if you want to buy an earphone from this brand, then you just choose the suitable one to buy it.

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