Siemens Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Siemens is one of the great German home appliance brands that market a collection of products across the world, including some top quality ovens. The ovens from the brand are best known for their flawless German engineering quality and designs. The products are made to be reliable in service and easy to use. They embody some of the most modern and cutting edge technology in the market. Despite all, the ovens are reasonably priced and within the capacity of the general public. Siemens also provides some great customer service alongside their products.
Siemens operates in around 200 countries and offers a decent number of oven models to its customers. The ovens have been perfected through the 170 years of experience of the brand.

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Siemens Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Siemens Ovens Price in Bangladesh


Most of the popular models come with capacities between 20 to 35 liters. The pricing of the models lies anywhere between BDT 20000 and BDT 40000 in the general market. The ovens have stainless steel interiors with a maximum power output of around 1450 watts. The units work best in the 220-230V voltage range and usually come with 5 adjustable power output levels (900W, 600W, 360W, 180W, 90W). The microwave and grill functions are separately available in most models, with some models allowing combination use of the functions. Ovens from the brand can come with up to 8 preset automatic programing that includes separate defrost, cooking, and combi programs. The ovens incorporate large displays that show the current time, timer, and day. The timer has a maximum limit of 60 minutes in most models. The ovens also come with automatic shutoff and child lock functions for additional safety. The outer design is also made to be very elegant and eye-pleasing. Depending on the models, glass turntables of various sizes are also available.
A very popular model from the brand is the Siemens HMT84G654M at around BDT 35000.

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